Sounds... Memories of a Lifetime

Hey, guess what. My album I'm in My Own World is ready for sale. You can get it online at all sorts of cool websites, including iTunes and CD Baby. On those sites, you can listen to samples of all the tracks on the CD, so that's pretty cool. If you buy I'm in My Own World, then I will gladly email you full-length mp3s of some of my newer songs as well.. just ask! Alright.. my music awaits you. Enjoy.

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Tracks I Have Produced

My Own Songs

Sad and Lonely sample
Be Mine sample
H but H remix sample
Elemental Intro (Full Track -- Limited Time Only!!) **New!! Who do you think I am? Who do you think you are??**
I Need You (Full Track -- Limited Time Only!!) **New!! Going back to my roots, I sing and play the piano. This is antifolk music!**
HATAH sample (with real saxaphone)
SD unplugged (Full Track -- Limited Time Only!!) **New!! Ultra-Hot Brown-Nosing Action!! Warning: Contains Lewd and Crass Language.**
stagnancy! sample **Also new!! Experience spine-tingling stagnancy!**
Robotics sample
I Need a Guy (full version)
SD sample [[Warning: Contains Lewd and Crass Language.]]
IDL sample [[Warning: Contains Lewd and Crass Language.]]
Feels Good (clean) sample

Songs I Have Produced
And/Or Rapped On

Access Immortal - What You Thought It Was (Full Track!!) **Brand New!! Off his album Limited Edition! ACS rocks!!**
Timothy Dark - On and On (w/ guitar by Erik Hendin) (Full Track!!) **Brand New!! TD absolutely kills it here, and Erik most definitely comes through on guitar.**
Mi Corazon remix, by Julio Granados f/ socetew (Full Track!!) **New!! Feel the passion of one who sees you in his heart.**
Passport to the Future, by End of the Weak (Full Track!!) **New!! These rappers are extremely skillful, and it's a real honor to have them spitting over my beat!**
LSDF Remix (Full Track!!) **New!! Warning: Contains Lewd and Crass Language. Houston Bernard f/ soce, t.e.w... produced by soce, t.e.w..**
Leave Me Alone Remix (Full Track!!) **New!! Warning: Contains Lewd and Crass Language. A Jamie Stellini/soce, t.e.w. Collabo.**

Del Amitri f/ soce, the elemental wizard - Just Before You Leave rmx

Jedi Mind Tricks vs Soce

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